IMG_5007These are some of the vegetables that grew in the “smart” greenhouse at Kennebunk High School this spring.  The greenhouse was a collaborative project, built last year by the Pre-engineering class.  Environmental Science students cultivated the plants.  Since last winter was so harsh and challenged the heating system, IB Physics students will put the heating system in the ground this year and the planting boxes will sit on the ground for better insulation.


August 12, 2014

Three new grants have been approved by the Education Foundation for the coming school year!  Fatal Vision Goggles have been purchased for use by the high school health class, to educate students on what happens to their judgement and reflexes when they drink or use drugs. Standing desks will be purchased, one for each classroom at Sea Road School, to allow students with different learning styles to stand while they work. Finally, a chapter of “Girl Talk” will be initiated at MSK and KHS. High school girls will mentor middle school girls, inspiring them and guiding them through structured meetings.

Learning the value of leadership

Posted on April 14, 2014 in News, Program Highlights


Educator-in-residence promotes leadership qualities among students By Alex Acquisto April, 2014 Staff Writer A group of sixth-graders worked together Monday to lower and set a hula hoop on the ground in the activity known as Helium Hula Hoop. The activity is one of many that Michelle Cote has facilitated for sixth- and eighth-graders during her [...]

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