GREAT NEWS!   The Education Foundation is pleased to announce six new grant programs totaling more than $33,000 have been funded that will touch just about every student K-12 in RSU 21!  

  • Children at elementary schools will benefit from LEGO programming and robotics kits as well as sport stacking cups for supercharged gym classes.  
  • Students at the middle school will enjoy Experience ARTS, a chance to try arts workshops provided by River Tree Arts.  
  • Teachers from the middle school, an elementary administrator, and the district STEM coordinator will attend the Learning and Brain Conference on “The Science of Smarter Minds: Teaching to Think, Create and Innovate for Schools and Careers”.  They will share what they learn with educators throughout their schools.  
  • High school students will have two new robotics initiatives to tap into: a T-shirt robot kit and a 2Bot 3D Model Maker that allows 3D models to be produced from a computer generated 2D concept.

SIX NEW GRANTS TOTALING more than $33,000.  We thank all of our supporters for helping to make this possible. We will share results with you when they are available so be sure to check back for updates!