Kenenbunk High School AutoCAD

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Instructor Bob Walker says that students like AutoCAD because it helps them to better visualize what they are working on. Moreover, creating and visualizing their own designs excites students to take drawings off the board and build things. Currently, students are designing an automobile that is “out of the ordinary.” When the AutoCAD drawings are done, students will build their cars out of balsa wood.

AutoCAD classes are available to students in grades 9-12. Once students have mastered two basic programs they are encouraged to pursue more complicated ideas using the AutoCAD Inventor software. One of the students is now tinkering with a motor prototype; the program lets him create individual parts and put them together to see if his design will run.

Working with AutoCAD develops problem solving skills that can be used at any level of education and in any job. Proficiency with AutoCAD prepares graduates to work in technical jobs, such as at the nearby Portsmouth Naval Shipyard or Pratt & Whitney. Hands-on design experience with AutoCAD also provides an advantage to students who go on to college for engineering or architectural studies.