Educator in Residence

School: Middle School of the Kennebunks School Year: 2015-2016  Amount: $5,000.00.

 For 12 weeks, an Camp Kieve Leadership School Educator will work within MSK to provide an extension of the Camp Kieve/Leadership School experience for all MSK students and staff. 

The goal for teachers and staff is that by working with the EiR to observe, learn, and ultimately practice experiential education techniques in their classrooms, which support the mission of the leadership school. The characteristics include positive risk-taking, the ability to set meaningful goals, making healthy decisions, all while being supportive team members and strong leaders.

The goal of the EiR program for students is that they will to continue to learn (or be introduced to) practice, and embed the Leadership School’s three guiding principles into everyday behavior: 1. Social connections and skills are critical to the success of students. 2. Active learning techniques engage students of all abilities and backgrounds. Active techniques that are fun and encourage metaphorical thinking facilitate maximum growth because it meets students where they are. 3. Solvable challenges of increasing difficulty enable students to accomplish more than they ever thought possible.