Grant Application Form



Grant Application Form


Name(s) of Applicant:

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Submission Date:                                            Date Funds Required:

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School(s):                                                       Grade(s):

Number of students and/or teachers to benefit:

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  1. Description of project/event:




  1. How does the project address the Grant Criteria as stated on our website? Note any long-term effects.






  1. How will this program enhance the curriculum and the quality of instruction?




  1. How widespread is this program locally, regionally, nationally, and globally?





  1. What are the potential drawbacks or pitfalls of this project? How will you address them? What is the source of your research?






  1. Itemized project budget (please list or attach itemized costs):





  1. What efforts have you made or will you make to raise money for the project? How much do you expect to obtain?





  1. How would you make use of partial funding (if applicable)?





  1. Will the project have recurring or ongoing operational expenses? If so, how will they be paid?



  1. What method(s) of evaluation of the success of the project (i.e. student feedback) will you employ? How will you inform parents, staff, and community members of how this project was funded?







Approval Required

Please submit grant application to your Principal for approval and then forward to Shelly Allen (Superintendent’s Office) at

Principal: _______________________________________ Date: __________________

The Education Foundation of the Kennebunks and Arundel

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