Dear EFKA, Thank you for the stability balls…..

When I sit on my stability ball, it’s pretty cool to think that this ball helps you stay healthy by just sitting straight.  Matt, 5th grade

When I used to have a chair I would slump down, but now I have a stability ball and I sit up straight.  Declan, 4th grade

Stability balls keep you focused in class because you have to sit up straight while on a ball.  Sawyer, 5th grade

The (regular) chairs hurt my back, but my back isn’t hurting as much anymore.  Elizabeth, 2nd grade

They help me concentrate, they wake me up.  James, 5th grade

I like stability balls more than chairs because we can exercise and move around.  Molly, 5th grade

I like stability balls because you can do stretches for your core.  On the chairs, you can’t move around and you can’t do stretches!.  Logan, 4th grade

I love stability balls because they help my posture, and good posture helps my back!  Macallan, 5th grade

The thing I enjoy most about stability balls is how they benefit your learning and your core.  Eli, 5th grade