2009 Spelling Bee

Spelling Bees

Worker bees spell F-U-N!

The Spelling Bee has been the primary community fundraiser for the Foundation since 2007. Civic groups, businesses, teachers, and municipal employees come together for a night of fun that brings them back to their school years by testing their spelling prowess!

Words like Pecksniffian and aileron challenge teams and eliminate them one by one until a single champion remains. (The team from Biddeford’s Journal Tribune has taken the Spelling Bee title the last two years.) Up to 50 teams take part annually, and everyone from the school district is invited to watch the fun.

Spelling Bee emcess

Andrew Young and Joe Foster, emcees

Competing teams or their sponsors make donations to EFKA to participate in the event. The Foundation values their continued commitment to creative, innovative education and the professional development of teachers in the community.