School Years 2008-2012

Destination Imagination

Date: Spring 2012 Amount: $1,000 Group of MLD students placed 2nd in states competition for Destination Imagination and needed funding help to get to Global Finals in Knoxville, TN.  Destination Imagination is an enrichment program where students work together as a team using creativity and ingenuity to problem solve.  Destination Imagination creates challenges to connect Read the full article…

STEM Conference

Date: Spring 2012 Amount:  $650 KHS staff member to attend robotics conference at Tufts University LEGO Engineering Institute this summer.  Training will assist teacher with leadership of KHS Robotics Club as well as assist him with incorporating STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) related principals into his curriculum.

Robotics Club

Date: Spring 2012 Amount: $2185 KHS students have formed robotics club and need funding to complete FIRST Tech Challenge, which is to design, build and program their robot to compete in a blind alliance against other teams.  Perfect example of STEM in action.  Group has worked with community, district and corporate sectors to finance parts Read the full article…


Date: Spring 2012 Amount:  $1350 Nine bicycles requested by the gym teacher at KES to add to her third grade physical education curriculum.  Teacher notes importance of physical activity and how it enhances learning and ability to focus.

The Bunker

Date:  Spring 2012 Amount:  $600 grant/$900 loan   KHS students open The Bunker, a school store to sell Rams logo wear.  The students are Future Business Leaders of America members.

KHS Financial Literacy Program

Date: Spring 2012 Amount: $2550   KHS senior class will attend Financial Literacy Day at UNE March 22. The guidance department worked on the program with Kennebunk Savings Bank and Finance Authority of Maine to provide students with sessions on borrowing and loans, understanding credit, scams and digital safety, and other financial concepts. KSB and Read the full article…

KES Brain Ware Safari Software

Program:  Brain Ware Safari Software Date: Spring 2012 Amount:  $2158   Brain Ware Safari Software is a video game format program that develops 41 cognitive skills with students ages 6 and up. The program will be piloted with 50 students at KES, grades 1-3.  Teacher Suzanne Healey learned of Brain Ware Safari Software at a Read the full article…

Experience the Arts

School:    Middle School of the Kennebunks Date:       Winter 2012 Amount:   $2,020.00 River Tree Arts will provide several different arts and music workshops for 6th graders that are intended to inspire and challenge students in new ways that are beyond the traditional experiences they receive now.

Learning and the Brain Summer Institute

Program: Professional Development Date:       Fall 2011 Amount:  $4,735.00

Stability Balls in Elementary Schools

Schools:   All elementary schools in RSU21 Date:       Fall 2011 Amount:  $15,825.00 Twenty-five classrooms in the elementary schools in RSU21 are getting stability balls, which are proven to improve posture and focus of children in the classroom.

Junk to Funk

School:    Mildred L. Day Date:       Fall 2011 Amount:  $1750.00 Junk to Funk is a unique combination of visual and performance art, fashion, sustainability education, interactive activities and entertainment.  The program encourages positive behavioral change by asking audiences to reconsider their consumption and disposal choices in an innovative and playful way.

Camp Kieve

School: Middle School of the Kennebunks Date: Spring 2011 Total:  $18,000   Middle School of the Kennebunks 7th graders will attend Camp Kieve in the fall of 2011.  Camp Kieve is a leadership school where students work with counselors on self-confidence, teamwork, communication and healthy decision making.  The children work in groups in a cabin style classroom, Read the full article…

Smartboard Software

School: Mildred L. Day School Date: Spring 2011 Total: $175   Twelve Reading Comprehension CDs for grades K – 6 are purchased to encourage use of Smartboards, which are new to the school.  Mildred L. Day teachers researched  the software and will pilot its use; if successful the program could then be introduced to other Read the full article…

Geometry – Stained Desk

School:  Middle School of the Kennebunks Date:  Spring 2011 Total: $247.55   Students create a piece of “stained glass” using new geometric knowledge and a report that details seven points of geometry and dilation.  It will be a the culmination of the a newly created math unit on Geometry.

Mobile Food Carts

Schools: Kennebunkport Consolidated School, Kennebunk Elementary School, Mildred L. Day School, Sea Road School Date: Spring 2011 Total: $3,200   Mobile carts outfitted with supplies allow students to cook in their classrooms.  Students grow produce in school gardens and can enjoy healthy foods while learning math, reading, geography and life skills.  This program aligns with Read the full article…

Museum of Science Presentations

School:  Sea Road School Date: Spring 2011 Total:  $$1,160   Sea Road School 4th and 5th graders view and participate in presentations by the Boston Museum of Science on various topics associated with the learning goals of the Science Frameworks for Maine schools.

Math IXL and Accelerated Reader

Date:  Winter 2011 Amount: $5,249   Software packages for Math IXL and Accelerated Reader are purchased for Kennebunkport Consolidated School. Current users and teachers at Kennebunk Elementary School and Sea Road School highly recommend Math IXL and Accelerated Reader.

Imagination Playground

Date:  Winter 2011 Amount:  $3,600   KES will get a mobile playground structure that allows for creative collaborative play that correlates with school-wide wellness initiatives.  RSU#21 also secured a grant for this purchase.

Smart Board

Date:  Winter 2011 Amount: $4,000   KHS Art Department will get a Smart Board to pilot use of technology in that department.

Stability Balls

Date: Winter 2011 Amount: $899   Two classrooms at Sea Road School get stability balls.  Stability balls have been a great success at Kennebunk Elementary School.

Stability Balls

Date:  Winter 2011 Amount:  $952.50   Two classrooms at Consolidated School get stability balls. Stability balls have been a great success at Kennebunk Elementary School.

Model UN

Date:  Winter 2011 Amount:  $960   Nine students and one teacher attended MIT Model UN conference in New York in February.  Student delegation split up into committees to discuss real issues that UN members might address.

Host Nicaraguan Artist

Date: Winter 2011 Amount:  $650   International artist-in-residence Marlon Moreno from Leon, Nicaragua worked with students to create a mural at MSK with International Baccalaureate Themes.

National Science Conference

Date:  Winter 2011 Amount:  $1,690   Two science teachers from MSK attended The National Conference on Science Education in San Francisco. The teachers learned about embracing technology in the classroom; accessing language through science and mathematics; exploring earth, wind and fire; and building scientific minds.

Rams Cup

Date:  Fall 2010 Amount:  $400   Sixth grade language students competed in first annual Rams Cup soccer tournament.  Students studied the importance of soccer to French and Spanish speaking cultures.  The event supported the French/Spanish Geography Unit and included Physical Education and Arts as well.

Young Diplomats Club

Date:  Fall 2010 Amount:  $1,700   Students in the Young Diplomats Club at the Middle School of the Kennebunks visited the Japanese Consulate in Boston, and the club hosted speakers to bring awareness of global issues to students.  MSK is an International Baccalaureate Learner Profile School; the club provides an outlet for students to learn about other cultures.

Mildred L. Day Library

Date:  Fall 2010 Amount:  $4,000   The library at the Arundel elementary school will receive new books and professional oversight to support and enhance the RSU#21 curriculum for K-5 students.

Metacognitive Thinking

Date:  Fall 2010 Amount:  $$6,197.31   A Pilot Program will be developed to teach Metacognitive Higher Order Thinking Skills in third grade. Today’s students must be able to read and process large amounts of material; the program will put together a curriculum that will teach critical thinking skills at an earlier age.

Outdoor Classroom

Date:  Fall 2010 Amount:  $1,250   A three-season classroom will be constructed at Mildred L. Day school in Arundel to provide students and teachers with an opportunity to use the environment to support educational activities, including those in allied arts.

KHS Radio Station

Date:  Fall 2010 Amount:  $5,800   Kennebunk High School will establish a Digital Network radio station in 2011 to broadcast student related programming, including news, sports, music and talk shows.  The station will be an extracurricular activity for students interested in journalism and broadcasting.