School Year 2013-2014

Destination Imagination Travel

School:  Mildred L. Day Date:  School Year 2013-2014 Amount:  $1250 Destination Imagination team from Mildred L. Day traveled to Global Finals in Tennessee to compete with 1300 international teams in group challenges, problem solving activities, cultural events and eductaional symposiums.  

Musical Instruments

School:  Mildred L. Day School Date:  School Year 2013-2014 Amount:  $2000 Musical instruments are purchased for children at Mildred L. Day School, so the students can form a band using music written with different parts and harmony.  


School:  Kennebunk High School Date: School Year 2013-2014 Amount:  $2084 Twenty-five pairs of snowshoes give physical education classes a new option for exercise outdoors at the high school.  

Summer Acceleration Classes

School:  Kennebunk High School Date:   School 2013-14 Amount:  up to $3650 in scholarships Students who took acceleration classes during the 2014 summer could receive financial help.

2Bot 3D Model Maker

School: Kennebunk High School Date: Spring 2014 Amount: $8370 The 2Bot 3D Model Maker will allow 3D models to be produced from a computer generated 2D concept.  This will expand the range of design and fabrication learning and application by Industrial Technology students.  It will give students a real world feel for how design and Read the full article…

T-shirt Robot Kit

School: Kennebunk High School Date: Spring 2014 Amount: $3600 A T-shirt robot kit will be purchased for use by Engineering and Robotics students at KHS.  The students will design, build and program the t-shirt throwing robot for use at sporting events and spirit assemblies.  The hope is students will want to further investigate STEM career Read the full article…

Learning and the Brain Conference

Professional Development for 3 teachers, STEM coordinator and KES principal Date: Spring 2014 Amount: $6714 Teachers, RSU 21 STEM coordinator, and KES principal attend Learning and the Brain Conference focused on “The Science of Smarter Minds: Teaching to Think, Create and Innovate for School and Careers.”  Topics included: ways to promote critical and creative thinking Read the full article…

Experience the Arts

School:   Middle School of the Kennebunks Date: Spring 2014 Amount: $2150 MSK 6th grade students choose from among 12 workshops that will expose them to visual arts, dance, metal smithing, music and theater.  Instructors from River Tree Arts come in to MSK to teach the children.  This program was well received by MSK students Read the full article…

Sport Stacking Kits

Schools: Mildred L. Day and Kennebunkport Consolidated Schools Date: Spring 2014 Amount: $3939.70 Sport Stacking is hands-on participation, and students are engaged and motivated while performing the activity.  Sport Stacking first appeared in southern California in the 80s.  Children work alone or in groups to stack cups in a pattern and are timed while doing Read the full article…

NSTA Conference

Professional Development for MSK Science Dept. Date: Winter/Spring 2014 Amount: $3214 MSK science teachers will attend National Science Teacher Association conference in Boston in April to focus on two area:  Science and Literacy: A Symbiotic Relationship,  and Engineering and Science: Technological Partners. Strengthened literacy skills empower students to access science content and communicate understanding.  Second, Read the full article…

LEGO Programming at KCS and Professional Development district-wide K-3

Schools:  Kennebunkport Consolidated, Kennebunk Elementary, Mildred L. Day, Sea Road Schools Date: Winter/Spring 2014 Amount: $8712 Teachers at Consolidated, Kennebunk Elementary, Mildred L. Day and Sea Road Schools will receive training on robotics kits and use in classroom.  2nd grade classroom at KCS will receive a classroom robotics set.  KCS, MLD and KES will all Read the full article…

Literacy Kits for Kindergarteners

Date: Spring 2013 Amount: $3,876 Literacy Kits purchased and distributed to kindergarteners at KES, MLD, and KCS.  The Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Arundel Literacy for ME Collaborative, made up of librarians and educators along with the United Way, designed the kits as a tool to enrich language development and learning in the home.  Each kit came with Read the full article…

CPR Manikins and Trainers at KHS

Date: Spring 2013 Amount: $1,195.90 CPR Manikins are purchased for use in Health Class at KHS, a class that 168 students take each year.  Life-saving skills will be taught using the manikins; it is hoped that some students will develop an interest in the healthcare field as well.

Camp Kieve

Date: Spring 2013 Amount: $12,000 Middle School of the Kennebunks 7th graders will attend the Leadership School at Camp Kieve in October to work on team building, healthy decision making, communications, and other self development practices.  The program includes a day long session at MSK followed by three days at Camp Kieve in which the Read the full article…

Educator in Residence at MSK/Camp Kieve

Date: Fall 2013 Amount: $4,400 The Leadership School at Camp Kieve will send a facilitator to the Middle School of the Kennebunks this winter to work with grades 6-8 using hands on student participation and activities.  The program is intended to deepen the impact of the residential program at Camp Kieve experienced by 7th graders Read the full article…

KHS Pre-engineering Lab

Date: Spring 2013 Amount: $3,070 Juniors and seniors at KHS enrolled in the Honors Pre-engineering course will use the lab, which will introduce the basics of engineering and will include technical coursework from electrical, mechanical and civil engineering.  Students in the Robotics Club, Auto CAD classes, drafting and architectural design classes will have access to Read the full article…

Professional Development – Learning and the Brain Workshop

Date:  Spring 2013 Amount: $2,275 Kennebunk Elementary School teachers attend Learning and the Brain Conference on The Neuroscience of Reading: Using Research to Understand Reading Acquisition and Disorders.  This conference will assist KES teachers in reaching out to students in Grades 1-3 who are struggling with reading.

Huntsman Marine Science Center Trip

Date: Spring 2013 Amount: $2,049 KHS Grade 11-12 IB Environmental Science and Society Class will travel to The Huntsman Marine Science Center in New Brunswick.  The program will give students a “hands on” marine experience based at the marine science lab. They will actively collect and interpret relevant environmental data in the field.

Boston Museum of Science Traveling Programs

Date: Spring 2013 Amount: $620 The Boston Museum of Science has designed traveling programs for schools that support the learning goals of the Science Frameworks for Maine’s public schools.  Fifth graders at Sea Road School will participate in “Motion: Forces and Work” and “Electromagnetism”.  Fourth graders will partake in “Cryogenics: States of Matter”.

Professional Development – International Baccalaureate Training

Date:  Spring 2013 Amount:  $20,000 MSK is the only school in Maine to offer the IB Middle Years Program.  The training received by three teachers this summer focused on IB curriculum changes coming during the 2013-2014 school year.  The goal is challenging and engaging unit plans and extended use of inquiry based learning in the Read the full article…