Kennebunk High School

Learning and the Brain Institute

School: RSU21 District-wide Amount: $5,988.00  Applicant: Dr. Phillip Potenziano, Assistant Superintendent of Schools This grant for Professional Development enables multiple teachers and administrators to attend the Learning and the Brain Institute entitled “Creating Schools of the Future Now.” The focus of this training is to explore ways to use advances in brain and learning sciences such as Read the full article…

FPV Quadcopter Project

School: Kennebunk High School  Amount: $1,200.00  Applicant: Alan Carp, KHS STEM Coordinator  The engineering class continues its STEM focus by building quadcopters utilizing 3-D printing, electronics and engineering principles. This contribution will allow students to take a first person viewing role  to fly the quadcopters using headsets, cameras, transmitters and receivers.

NASA Astronaut Appearance

Schools:  Entire RSU21 School District, K-12  Amount: $1,500.00  Applicant: Katie Hawes, Superintendent Jessica Meir, a female astronaut who was raised in Caribou, Maine will spend May 3rd in our district in a series of presentations. This program will support our S T E M initiatives, raise student aspirations, and offer a female role model in a STEM Read the full article…

CNC (computer numerical control) Routing Tool

School: Kennebunk High School  Amount: $10,447.20   Applicant: Alan Carp, KHS STEM Coordinator Taking computers and robotics to the next level, a CNC (computer numerical control) routing tool will enable students to use computer programs including Solidworks and create a finished, functional piece of engineering using wood, plastics, and metals.

Independent Study to Fight Malnutrition

School: Kennebunk High School  Amount: $550.00  Applicant: Alan Carp, STEM Coordinator Over the 2016-2017 school year, a student, working in an independent study, has developed a long shelf-life, nutrient-rich powder derived from potato peelings, which might be used to help fight malnutrition in the developing world. This grant allows the  purchasing of equipment to utilize biology Read the full article…

Learning and the Brain Conference

School: Kennebunk High School  Amount: $1,297.92  Applicant: Stacy Knappe, English teacher This grant for Professional Development enables Stacy Knappe to attend the Learning and the Brain Conference: Engaged, Empowered Minds: Using Brain Science to Educate Ethical 21 st Century Citizens and Problem Solvers. The training will support the school’s IB program. Specifically, it will involve creative problem solving, critical Read the full article…

Schoodic Education Adventure (SEA) progam.

School:  Kennebunk High School   Amount: $2,851.00   Names of Applicants:   Lisa Farrell and Norma Sardine, KHS IBESS teachers This is a multi-day, residential, outdoor Schoodic Education Adventure (SEA) program.  Acadia National Park educators lead this program on campus. Curriculum-based classroom activities and hands-on field experience on the rugged coast of Maine offer  an exciting Read the full article…

VEX Robotics

  School:  Kennebunk High School   Amount: $3,999.95   Name of Applicant: Aaron Germana,  Math and Robotics Teacher   Grant will provide the funds to upgrade and replace outdated robotics hardware for the Kennebunk High School Robotics class and team.  

3D Printer Purchases

School:  Kennebunk High School   Amount: $5,059.97.00   Names of Applicants:  Tom Post, AJ Carp and Aaron Germana,  KHS STEM teachers   This grant will allow the purchase of two (2) additional MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printers.  The original EFKA grant for a 3D printer at KHS is credited with creating a high level of interest and learning. Read the full article…

Science Technology for KHS

School:  Kennebunk High School   Amount: $3,278.00   Name of Applicant: Sheila Wells, Technology & Curriculum Integrator Grant money will allow the purchase of science technology probes and sensors compatible with Chromebook computers. Using the selected probes, students will experience more opportunities to “think science” while watching real time data collection and the immediate impact of variables. Read the full article…

Most Likely to Succeed Program

Schools: RSU21 District-Wide,  Amount: $736.00  Name of Applicant: Dr. Phil Potenziano,  Assistant Superintendent    RSU 21 would like to hold a district and  community book talk. Fifty copies of the book, Most Likely to Succeed.’ Preparing our Kids for the Innovative Era,  by Tony Wagner & Ted Dintersmith will be provided to school staff, and to Read the full article…

KHS Marching Band’s Percussion Instruments

Schools:  Kennebunk High School   Amount: $2,322.00  Name of Applicant: Benjamin Potvin, 9-12 Music Educator.    This grant will assist in replacing the largest pieces of the KHS marching band’s outdated percussion set-up.  These musical instruments will be featured at every public function where the high school band is asked to perform. 

Crisis Reporting with Larry Price

School:  Kennebunk High School   Amount: $1000.00   Name of Applicant: Dr. Phillip J. Potenziano,  Assistant Superintendent of Schools Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Larry Price will visit KHS for two full days of class engagements and will include an evening public forum. Mr. Price’s work documents child labor in East Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, and his Read the full article…

KHS Music Department Band Trip to New York City

Schools: Kennebunk High School School Year: 2015-2016  Amount: $9,000.00 Kennebunk High School’s Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, and Chamber Choir, totaling 100 students will travel to NYC in April 2016 to participate in an international music festival. Other activities include a performance or the New York Philharmonic and a Broadway musical. While the total cost of the Read the full article…

Genetic Conference

Schools: Kennebunk High School School Year: 2015-2016  Amount: $400.00 Year 1 and 2 IB Biology classes will attend a genetics conference in Portland. Topics covered include: medical genetics, tissue engineering, stem cell usage in reproductive advances, genome editing to correct genetic mutations, fetal alcohol prevalence and new genetic causes of developmental disabilities.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Conference

School:  Kennebunk Elementary School, Kennebunkport Consolidated School, Mildred L. Day School, Sea Road School, Middle School of the Kennebunks, Kennebunk High School  Date:  Spring 2015  Amount:  $3442  Six teachers representing elementary, middle, and high school will attend and improve their math instruction for students. Information will be shared with other teachers during content area / Read the full article…

Girl Talk

School:  Middle School of the Kennebunks and Kennebunk High School Date: School Year 2014-15 Amount:  $575 High school girls will mentor middle school girls, inspiring them and guiding them through structured meetings.


School:  Kennebunk High School Date: School Year 2013-2014 Amount:  $2084 Twenty-five pairs of snowshoes give physical education classes a new option for exercise outdoors at the high school.  

Fatal Vision Goggles

School:  Kennebunk High School Date: School Year 2014-15 Amount:  up to $630.99 Fatal Vision Goggles are purchased for KHS Health Class to show students the dangers of drug and alcohol consumption, how it affects your vision, coordination and reflexes.  

Summer Acceleration Classes

School:  Kennebunk High School Date:   School 2013-14 Amount:  up to $3650 in scholarships Students who took acceleration classes during the 2014 summer could receive financial help.

Quadcopter Kits

School:  Kennebunk High School Date:   School Year 2014-15 Amount:  $5450 Students will draw the body of the copter on a the computer and use a 3D printer to manufacture it, and then attach components such as sensors, motors, and blades to perform various activities.

2Bot 3D Model Maker

School: Kennebunk High School Date: Spring 2014 Amount: $8370 The 2Bot 3D Model Maker will allow 3D models to be produced from a computer generated 2D concept.  This will expand the range of design and fabrication learning and application by Industrial Technology students.  It will give students a real world feel for how design and Read the full article…

T-shirt Robot Kit

School: Kennebunk High School Date: Spring 2014 Amount: $3600 A T-shirt robot kit will be purchased for use by Engineering and Robotics students at KHS.  The students will design, build and program the t-shirt throwing robot for use at sporting events and spirit assemblies.  The hope is students will want to further investigate STEM career Read the full article…

CPR Manikins and Trainers at KHS

Date: Spring 2013 Amount: $1,195.90 CPR Manikins are purchased for use in Health Class at KHS, a class that 168 students take each year.  Life-saving skills will be taught using the manikins; it is hoped that some students will develop an interest in the healthcare field as well.

Gardening Materials for KHS

Date: Spring 2013 Amount: $1,336 Garden materials are purchased to assist in the planting, growing and harvest of the gardens at KHS.  More than 50 students and 5 teachers are involved in this project in which produce is grown and sold at a student run farm stand at KHS.  Students in the KHS Sustainability: Farm Read the full article…

KHS Pre-engineering Lab

Date: Spring 2013 Amount: $3,070 Juniors and seniors at KHS enrolled in the Honors Pre-engineering course will use the lab, which will introduce the basics of engineering and will include technical coursework from electrical, mechanical and civil engineering.  Students in the Robotics Club, Auto CAD classes, drafting and architectural design classes will have access to Read the full article…

MaineStage at MSK and KHS

Date: Spring 2013 Amount: $3,200 MaineStage is a process-based resident theater company that provides educational outreach.  This program consists of three elements: a 75 minute version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth followed by an interactive “talkback” after the play  in which actors engage students in discussion about themes and characters.  There are also workshops in class run by cast Read the full article…

Huntsman Marine Science Center Trip

Date: Spring 2013 Amount: $2,049 KHS Grade 11-12 IB Environmental Science and Society Class will travel to The Huntsman Marine Science Center in New Brunswick.  The program will give students a “hands on” marine experience based at the marine science lab. They will actively collect and interpret relevant environmental data in the field.

Lego Robotics Kits

Date: Fall 2012 Amount: $1,469.74 Lego robotics kits will be purchased for use in a math classroom to reinforce students’ understanding of mathematical concepts.  Math teacher Aaron Germana will also work with a senior English teacher to create a technical reading and writing unit focused on building and programming robotics as well.  The kits can Read the full article…

Boston Museum of Art Trip

Date: Fall 2012 Amount: $1,730.00 9th grade students will travel to Boston Museum of Art to complete a multi-disciplinary assignment.  Art, language arts, American History and World History exhibits will be the focus of the project.  170 students will work in small teams on this hands-on activity that requires critical thinking and allows them access Read the full article…