Board and Committees

EFKA and its committees are directed and governed by a 14-person Board of Directors comprising residents of the towns of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, and Arundel, Maine.

Board of Directors

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Grants Committee

The Grants Committee is the liaison between the Board and the schools. This committee meets monthly.

The Grants Committee:

  • Solicits and assesses proposals for funding, and makes recommendations to the board to approve or deny requests
  • Collects and shares grant reflections
  • Acts as liaison and ambassador to grant seekers, administrators and teachers throughout grant process
  • Coordinates with: communications committee to get photo/video of grantees and to distribute press releases

Grant Committee Members

  • Julie Lavery, Chairperson
  • Ted Damon
  • Kristin Brigham, liaison to Kennebunk High School
  • Joe Foster, Community Representative
  • Katie Hawes, Superintendent
  • Julie Lavery, liaison to Kennebunk Elementary School
  • Fizza Haider, liaison to Kennebunkport Consolidated School
  • Jennifer Poore, liaison to Middle School of the Kennebunks
  • Phil Potenziano, Assistant Superintendent
  • Erin Sanborn, liaison to Mildred L. Day School
  • Louise Spang, Community Representative
  • Jason Woloszyn, liaison to Sea Road School

Events Committee

The Events Committee raises funds to support grants. The Events Committee meets as needed.

The Events Committee:

  • Coordinates Golf Tournament, Catch the Wave,  other events
  • Executes logistics for all events
  • Coordinates with:  Communication Committee for marketing pieces, proposals, acknowledgments/receipts
  • Coordinates with: Annual and Leadership Giving Committee for soliciting individual donors and businesses

Events Committee Members

  • Rhonda Hebert, Chair
  • Kristin Brigham
  • Ted Damon
  • Jackie Teguis
  • Mandy Nelson

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee works with local media to publicize upcoming programs and activities and generally works in a variety of ways to raise community knowledge about the scope and impact of EFKA programs. The Communications Committee meets monthly.

The Communications Committee is supported by the volunteer contributions of a number of communications professionals and community members.

Communications Committee Members

  • James Read, Chair
  • Jennifer Braddick
  • Jackie Teguis
  • Paul Wainman

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee was formed in 2009 to address issues of EKFA internal structure and operations. The Governance Committee is comprised of the current officers of the Board: President, Vice President, Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer, and select Board members. This committee meets monthly. 

  • Assists the Board by identifying individuals qualified to become Board members
  • Recommends individuals to the Board for nomination as members of the Board and/or its committees
  • Identifies and recommends Board members for leadership positions
  • Leads the Board in the design of Foundation’s strategy and periodically assess the progress toward the accomplishment of objectives as outlined in the strategy
  • Reports to the Board on its activities on a regular basis and not less than once a year

Governance Committee Members

  • Jackie Teguis, Chair
  • Ted Damon
  • James Read
  • Rhonda Hebert
  • Kristen Brigham

Annual and Leadership Giving Committee

Annual and Leadership Giving Committee was formed in 2014 and meets monthly.

The Annual and Leadership Giving Committee:

  • Coordinates the call-a-thon and annual giving efforts throughout the year
  • Develops Leadership giving plan for individuals and businesses
    • Current use, leadership gifts – individuals and businesses
    • Endowment gifts
    • Bequest documentation
  • Coordinates with: Events committee for soliciting individual donors and businesses
  • Coordinates with:  Communication Committee for marketing pieces, proposals, acknowledgments/receipts

Annual and Leadership Giving Committee Members

  • Debbie Dutton, Co-Chair
  • Kristin Brigham, Co-Chair